Patronis Playground Project

Year 2017

#daa520 Raised $1,148 towards the $120,000 target.

Project: Playground

Status: Unfunded/Active

More Information

We’ve curentlly raised $1,148 towards our $120,000 target!

Playground Sample View - 1 (Click to Expand)
Playground Example – 1 (Click to Expand)
Playground Sample View - 2 (Click to Expand)
Playground Example – 2 (Click to Expand)

Sample Playgrounds for our Kids!

Here’s an example playgrounds that we are currently raising money to have installed! The playground is an important fundraising goal. At all events official fundraising events, we have a sign that is placed near the donation box. (Also in the front office at Patronis Elementary.) This is a beautiful and functional playground that will provide years of enjoyment for our school children. Please envision yourself supporting our efforts by becoming a sponsor, or otherwise giving.