Bottle-Filling Water Fountain

Bottle-Filling Water Fountain
Bottle-Filling Water Fountain


Installation date is to be announced.

Please Note: The image of the bottle-filling water fountain above may not be an exact match to the brand and model that is installed, but it gives the idea of how they look and operate. The photo is just a representation of what is to come! We are very excited, and again express out thanks to those that sponsor the PTO, and others who gave at other events.

Project: Bottled Water Fountain

Status: Funded

More Information

We had one of these awesome bottle-filling water fountain units donated by Culligan’s Water! PTO also purchased one. One unit will be located in the east courtyard outside the lunch room, and the other unit will be placed in the west courtyard at the other end of the school. These convenient units enable our students to fill personal water bottles during school, and stay hydrated in the heat that is part and parcel of living on the beautiful Emerald Coast!