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Patronis Elementary PTOWe are tremendously excited in 2017 and hope you’ll join in that excitement by assisting us in our efforts to bring our students, parents, school and teachers together to do great things! You can use our website to purchase tickets for events, become a sponsor, and keep up-to-date with everything Patronis Elementary and PTO!

Our largest focus is to make sure that parents, teachers, staff, and students all have the opportunity to get— and stay involved! If you are interested in finding out how you can help, visit our Contact page and let us know! There is something for everyone at Patronis Elementary!

We hope that you join PTO and our endeavors this year. After all, it is all about School, Parents, and Teachers working together for our kids!

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Here’s some of our continuing goals for School Year 2017—

  • Promote open discussion and communication with parents and teachers via social media and electronic communication
  • Encourage families to get involved with our school through volunteerism during the school day and at special events
  • Reward and celebrate outstanding achievers in academic programs such as Accelerated Reader
  • Supply support for teachers and students before, during and after the Florida Student Assessments
  • Bring our community and school together through Panther Partners
  • Our current goal now is the new playground. This is a 3 year goal!
    • Our student population has outgrown the capacity for our current playground structure. This has caused limitations on student use of the playground. We would like to give the school with a new play structure in addition to the current one to raise the capacity limit. Enabling more students to have an outlet for expending excess energy during the school day will aid in students being more focused making classroom instruction time more efficient.


Year 2017

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Keep it Going

Thank you for your generous support or our PTO!

So far we have raised $1,148 towards our $120,000 target!


Example Playgrounds for Patronis Elementary

Here’s an example playgrounds that we are currently raising money to have installed! The playground is an important fundraising goal. At all events official fundraising events, we have a sign that is placed near the donation box. (Also in the front office at Patronis Elementary.) This is a beautiful and functional playground that will provide years of enjoyment for our school children. Please envision yourself supporting our efforts by becoming a sponsor, or otherwise giving.

Playground Sample View- 1 (Click to Expand)
Playground Example – 1 (Click to Expand)
Playground Sample View - 2 (Click to Expand)
Playground Example – 2 (Click to Expand)

Set for Success

Help set our students up for success by helping to support Patronis Elementary. Use the form on this page to donate funds that will go directly to help students.

Panther Spirit
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Where Do Your Donations Go???

The money from our sponsorships goes into the general PTO fund which is used to pay the school years operation cost which is the list of expenses. When we have extra— we allocate the extra to special projects like our, “bottle filling water fountains” and playground described above. The water fountains project was our short term goal for this year, and has been funded!!! Now we are hosting special events for 2017 , all money raised during these events are going directly into the playground fund.

The following is a list of expenses from the 2015 — 2016 school year paid for by donations to Patronis PTO.

Copy Machine
Student reading coach books
Teacher/classroom support
FSA training/student snacks
PTO operating costs
AR & Year end parties
Teacher Appreciation Week
PTO Events
Dance-A-Thon, Spaghetti Dinner, Boohoo Breakfast, & Volunteer Breakfast.
Playground Shade Project
This was a two year project!
Total: $58,312


Thanks for Your Generous Support!
Thanks for Your Support!

You can really help make a difference by becoming a partner with the Patronis PTO.

Download the Patronis Panther Partnership Packet today to learn what it means to be a PTO sponsor!


Our Current Sponsors

We’d like to give special thanks to all of our sponsors, no matter the level of sponsorship! Please take time to visit them on the web today, links are available below.

Diamond Sponsors
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Unlimited Path, Inc.
Unlimited Path, Inc.
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Firefly, Panama City Beach
Firefly, Panama City Beach
Cox Pools, Panama CIty Beach
Cox Pools, Panama City Beach
Barberitos, Panama City
Barberitos, Panama City

Beach Web Design & IT
Beach Web Design & IT, Panama City Beach
Silver Sponsors
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Capt. Jack's Family Buffet
Capt. Jack’s Family Buffet
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Gulf World, Panama City Beach
DMR Consulting
Sun Dermatology, Panama City Beach
Ryan Realty, Panama City Beach
Ryan Realty, Panama City Beach
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Shell – Thomas Dr Food Mart
Angleo’s Steak Pit
First National Bank of NW FL
Billy’s Oyster Bar
Optical Integrity, INC.
Julia Ulmer & Family
Diamond Title Agency
Bryleigh’s Papa & Mimi
Once Upon a Dream Vacations
Emma Grace Fuller
In House Ink
Delaney Crow
Dr. Fernando Malamud
Captain Anderson’s Cruises
Kilgore’s Brick Pavers

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